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The Asterisk Manager Suite (AMS) is a collection of software; an abstraction library called Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI), a proxy daemon called Asterisk Manager Proxy (AMP), and a gui client interface called Asterisk Manager Administrator (AMA).

The intention of the software is to make management and administration of the Asterisk Open Source PBX easier. The software is currently targeted at corporate environments with call centers but plans for further expansion exist.

The C library, libami (AMI) is intended to make executing commands through Asterisk's Manager Interface easier. The library is used extensively in both AMP and AMA, although you could use it in your own software as well.

The proxy daemon is intended to remedy an outstanding issue with Asterisk's Manager Interface: The interface does not deal well with excessive connections. To get around this, a proxy is a suitable solution. As well as simply being a proxy, AMP has other functions as well, including recording statistics and activities of call center agents.

AMA is intended to be a gtk application for monitoring and administrating an Asterisk server. AMA requires AMP for connectivity and has many functions as well as some planned in the future. AMA was first inspired by Asterisk's own gastman client, which was well done, but too small to be of any real use to anyone in a corporate environment except perhaps admins.

All software in the AMS is released under the GNU GPL.

For a list of features and further information, visit the individual software pages.

What AMS is NOT
AMS is NOT meant to be a front end for Asterisk configuration. It works with the Asterisk Manager Interface, NOT Asterisk configuration files. There are configuration tasks you can perform which are fully dynamic in nature, but do not carry over restarts.

On A Personal Note
I've been using open source most of my life and I'm ecstatic to be able to finally give something back to the community. I sincerely hope this software helps a lot of people and businesses.

As this is my first major undertaking in both C and GTK, I'm sure there will be issues with the software. Bug reports and patches will be greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to contact me for any other reason; if you like the software, if you hate it and why, etc. I'll be happy to hear from you!

Oh, and one last thing: I'm not, nor will I ever ask for donations. If you want to support this project, patches, bug reports and documentation would be good, or in lieu of those things, you could always send a friend my way who needs some basic hosting ;)



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